Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I've moved...

On the off-chance you happen to have arrived here looking for one (or all!) of the three blog carnival posts I've waffled on for, here are the links:
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And an older post that I've recently linked to: How Formula marketing got through to me

I'm no longer at I got fed up with the name... I didn't really like it much to begin with, but it just started annoying me every time I typed it.

So... I'm back to my old faithful:

Vonpop was a website address I used years ago, now somebody else has the .com domain as well as blogspot (and aren't even doing anything with it anymore... grr!), so now I've had to go and add my name to the beginning. Ah well. 

Vonpop stems from my cousin Siobhan, or "Vonny" signing up for something with me using the Vonpop username as all other combinations of her name were taken. After then, it was the only password I could remember for anything (possibly because it was a ridiculous password! I will refrain from posting in case it's still active somewhere out in cyber space...). I created my first geocities website using the username around ten years ago, and it's just happily stuck around since then.

Welcome back, vonpop!

PS - I keep getting these horrible feelings it might mean something rude in another language... If it does, please refrain from silently sniggering and enlighten me on the matter... so I can join in the sniggering! (unless it's something really offensive... then I can pull shocked faces and promptly resort back to littletinkertales, as I have nil imagination to come up anything original!)